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ESICM Research Awards 2022

Dear colleagues,

The ESICM has long been supporting research in the field of intensive care medicine. Innovation in research is essential if we are to achieve better outcomes for the most critically ill patients.

If you or your colleagues have identified areas of intensive care treatment where research is required or would be beneficial you can apply for a research award from the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Now is the time to establish the objectives, methodology, budget and timeline for your research project.

13 awards are available that encompass the broad discipline of intensive care medicine, from basic research to clinical research to investigations into the role of family. There is an award for young researchers, and another for more established investigators. Click here to listen to the accounts of past award recipients, and for details of how to apply.

A grant from ESICM can make the difference. Your research idea can become a reality with this financial support, and the visibility that is given to your work can lead to further research possibilities for you and your colleagues in the future.

Our awards platform is open. Send in your proposals before 28th March 2022.

We would be very grateful if you could promote the call for applications. Please forward the above link to your professional networks and colleagues and friends in other hospitals who might be interested in participating.

We very much look forward to discovering your research proposal.

Marlies Ostermann
ESICM Research Committee Chair