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ICU Hypotension Survey

International Survey amongst Physicians and Nurses Regarding Used Definitions, Incidence, Current Treatment Strategies and Perceived Outcome of Hypotension in Intensive Care Patients.

The lack of consensus regarding an universal definition of hypotension for ICU patients and the need of being proactive rather than reactive towards hypotensive episodes formed a trigger to develop an international survey to map used definitions, treatment and outcome of hypotensive episodes in the ICU among physicians and non-physicians. The aim of this survey is to form a baseline on these topics. Besides, the results of the survey are expected to improve future guidelines, patient care and guide new topics for research.

This survey is endorsed by the executive committee and the cardiovascular dynamics section of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.


If you are an ICU based physician or non-physician, we are asking for your participation. This anonymized survey will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Please respond from the perspective of standard practice in your ICU.

Complete the survey here:


Steering committee:

Prof. Jan Bakker MD, PhD

Prof. Thomas Scheeren MD, PhD

Alexander Vlaar MD, PhD