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Symposium on Ambulatory Anesthesia & Analgesia AAA2019

“Once you have done a good thing you have already created a tradition.”

Dear colleagues,

The second European Symposium on Ambulatory Anesthesia and Analgesia – AAA2019 – will take place on March 8-9 2019 in Zurich – apply now!
Outpatient surgery outside of bigger operative centers is becoming more and more important. There is a definite trend towards performing minor surgical procedures in doctor’s offices and day hospitals. It also becomes increasingly possible to operate on patients who need enhanced anesthesiologic care. One reason for this trend is economical. At the same time, the developments of new, less invasive and more tolerable techniques encourage this shift. Furthermore, self-employment and a good work-life-balance contribute to its attractiveness.
The Symposium is directed towards everybody who wants to further their education in the interesting field of ambulatory anesthesia/surgery, as well as individuals already working or considering working in a day-care surgery.
Latest knowledge of the most modern medical and technical advances as well as the encouragement of a cooperative work environment are key to provide successful, interdisciplinary teamwork in the operating theatre. Only this will ensure the highest quality of service as well as patient safety.
The Symposium AAA2019 focuses on these issues and wants to pay service to the needs that are arising. The first instalment in 2017 was well received and showed that there was an interest for more. Its successor in 2019 will cover even more topics. The Symposium is endorsed by the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) and the American Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia (SAMBA), and we are happy to host some of their prominent speakers in our scientific program. Thanks to their profound knowledge the program will cover the most relevant topics of day-care surgery and almost all practical anesthetic procedures and problems.

Main lecture & workshop topics:
• preoperative assessment, preparation of the surgical patient
• intraoperative period
• immediate postoperative supervision and management

New topics in 2019:
• logistics and functionality of an ambulatory surgery and anesthesia setup
• criteria of home discharge after each kind of procedure
• the place of the high-risk patient on the operating list of an ambulatory institution
• chronic pain management
• pediatric anesthesia

Please send your e-mail address to so that we can keep you updated directly via e-mail.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the symposium in March 2019!